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Courtney Marie Andrews has taken the old school route to musical success. Rather than chase the overnight success of reality TV stardom, the songstress left home at 16 armed with a dream and some songs. It may have taken a decade to reach the mainstream US acclaim for Honest Life, but in that time she has worked with household name artists Jimmy Eat World and Damien Jurado, while managing to steadily build her own catalogue of releases and a credible reputation to boot. With her home audience now sat up and listening, Andrews has decided it also time to break borders with her true to life lyrics and moving melodies.

Honest Life is a perfectly fitting title for Andrews’ sixth studio album. Filled with personal insights and worldly observations, Andrews is an artist that lives for her craft and packs a punch through a raw reality check. Fusing the playfulness of Dolly Parton, the realness of Joni Mitchell and tenderness of Emmylou Harris, Andrews is an artist that shines brightly amongst a sea of wannabes as an effortlessly real talent.

With so many artist trying to make a mark with genre-bending releases, Andrews relies of little more than her ability to pen a memorable melody and a penchant for punchy lyrics. As a result she is both free of genre classification and instantly timeless. Her subject matter may be married to the era she is from, but will, like all the greats, prove relateable to all future generations. No doubt there will in 20 years time be those covering the unforgettable Irene and irrepressible Rookie Dreaming.

Honest Life is the album that arrives in your life and leaves a mark. Courtney Marie Andrews has arrived on the international stage and she won’t be the next Adele, Britney, Katy or even Dolly, for she is an artist that deserves to be defined only on her own merits.