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In the 11 years since her major label debut Kerosene broke into the charts Miranda Lambert has proved that she is an artist who never plays by the rules. This is something that has stood her apart from her contemporaries and seen her rise swiftly through the ranks of the country music scene and places her in prime position to become the next international break-out mainstream icon. As she releases her sixth studio album, The Weight Of These Wings, can she deliver a record that will see her make the crossover from Queen of Country to international icon?

Unlike many within her genre, who tame the country bite of their sound, Miranda Lambert has not compromised on her musical identity for the sake of mainstream success. Instead she has focused her attention on crafting an album that is as musically notable as it is lyrically charged.

As many predicted The Weight Of These Wings charts the aftermath of her break-up with fellow country icon Blake Shelton. While essentially an album that charts heartbreak, turmoil and the rediscovery of your own identity, Lambert does not rely on the tried and tested formula to shape her 24 track collection.

The Weight Of These Wings takes the listener on a truly compelling bumpy ride through the twists and turns of the aftermath of a break-up. While many rely on songs of woe, Lambert documents her journey as it truly happened. From the initial shock through to the celebration of a single life rediscovered.

As we learn about her drunken escapades, her wants and wishes and her escape (she has a love of riding white horses), she builds throughout the album to the raw truth. These initial tales of sex and drinking merely document how she painted her face with the colour brave.

Though the singles Vice and We Should Be Friends will no doubt be joined by Highway Vagabond and I’ve Got Wheels, it is nigh on impossible to select an album highlight, this is a collection best served whole.