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James Chatburn is an Australian singer, songwriter and producer. He’s not an artist you can place in a box, meshing many genres and influences together to create his own sound.

Chatburn’s style originates from taking inspiration from the likes of John Mayer/Ben Harper to a deep foray into the sounds of Soul and electronic music.

2015 was somewhat of a breakthrough for James, as it brought a series of releases and collaborations, leading to Chatburn moving to Germany to further perfect his craft. His last EP ‘001’ was received extremely well, gaining him over 1M streams on Spotify.

The Australian now releases his new single ‘Darling I Missed Your Call’ from his forthcoming EP ‘Damen’. The sound is comparable to James Blake but of a higher tempo. His falsetto graces the genre bending production, of soul, funk and electronic sounds. Snippets of a funk riff and trumpets support the tightly produced number, Chatburn even raps over a break to create an eclectic experience for the listener. If his two singles are anything to go by, then his new EP is bound to give the auditor a special listen.